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A Crash Course in Textures

The 4 Types of Textures
Uses Blend Modes, but that's about it.

A word of warning first:

This is a general overview of textures. I'm presenting a view that I think might be helpful to someone who's beginning to work with textures, but I encourage deviation from my suggested guidelines. There's no right way to make an icon.

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Texture-making Tutorial

I like having a bunch of textures on hand, in case I'm working on an icon and it feels like it needs a little extra color. I prefer to make textures and brushes on my own (that way I don't need to worry about adding a note about credit to brushmakers when I enter icontests... ^_^) and I thought other people might be interested in a quick tutorial on texture-making.

Program: Photoshop 7, generally translatable
Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: Basic knowledge of Photoshop

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Tutorial 1 Tutorial 2

I know, I've been posting a lot. But it's Friday 13th and if I go out I will DIE. :'(
So here's some tutorials! It's been a while since I've created any.
In tutorial 1 you'll learn how to animate fire using ImageReady.
And in tutorial 2 learn how to make the increasingly popular outlines.
Both tutorials use Photoshop 7.0, but it will be possible to make in Photoshop CS, etc. Basic knowledge of the photoshop program is required for both.

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